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“Boosting national economy on wheels, transforming blueprints into realism…”

Efficient road network is an essential amulet of treasure for any country to maintain national integrity and socio-economic development. The segment of road infra has tremendous growth opportunities in a fast growing economy and the demand for high class road infrastructure for better connectivity.

As per the data of Ministry of India, the rate of daily travellers on road is increasing at the rate of 12% to 15% per annum and 15% to 18% per annum for cargo traffic. Also, the Government of India have plans to construct 35,000 Km of highways by 2014 under the hat of National Highway Development Program with a minimum investment of USD 60 billion. Moreover, according to the Planning Commission’s revised estimates, funds worth USD 58 billion are likely to be invested in the road sector in the 11th Plan.

The private sector is expected to contribute 44% of the total projected spend of USD 100 billion on roads and highways over the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17) period. All this shall result in increased opportunities for reliable players like us, as more projects will be rewarded in the coming years.

The figures say it all, as the government is focusing in investing huge amount of funds in the road segment. Considering above facts, we feel really motivated, the future looks brighter and promising.

Our interests are in construction of national & state highways as per laid down national and international standards. Projects may include creation/repair of roads, bridges, culverts, etc.

With India’s remarkable pace of growth in the domain of transportation and infrastructure, PPSL is all set to grab those opportunities with a lion’s share.

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