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Solid Waste Management

Let’s make nature wear a curve of smile!Domestic households, industrial and agricultural practices generate solid wastes which have to be decomposed at engineered secured landfill. Solid waste management plays an imperative role in achieving national objectives of health and environment.

While performing functions of SWM we don’t compromise with nature, we make sure that there is minimum or no discharge of the wastes back to nature.

All the processes of W2E at pace has got 3D’s in it, they are Design, Develop, Deliver.


We haven’t just jump into the project of Solid Waste Management before creating current benchmark report or before designing the sole process. The process of SWM is designed by considering feasibility study crafted by the experts of PACE.


The designed idea of W2E is implemented within the defined timeline by the core committee of the project, the core committee implements all those strategies considering BCG Matrix model wherein they regularly check on the process  whether it’s going as per the defined objectives of the project.


Delivering it back to nature, the engineered composting process to recycle, recover energy and utilize the same to produce fertile soil, fertilizers and Gobar gas plants.

The sole process helps us in achieving the following:

  • Our initiative shall latch national objective.
  • It shall help in minimizing the increasing landfill space.
  • It shall promote healthy and eco-friendly approach to all.
  • It shall help in serving a healthy environment to the society.

We at PPSL have defined robust solutions for collection, transportation, processing and recycling of solid waste astutely to nullify its effects on health and environment as we believe in nurturing nature as that is the reason for oxygen in air.

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