W2E – Merits & Principles

Waste to Energy – Integrated MSW Management

W2E – Merits & Principles

W2E – Merits & Principles

Merits of Thermal proccessing, W2E merits and good combustion principles.

Thermal Processing – Merits

  • WTE Plants are Efficient but capital intensive.
  • Will be operated with advanced Distributed Control Systems in fully automatic mode
  • Advanced Flue Gas Treatmen technologies exist and we adopt these technologies

W2E Merits

  • Reduction of landfill by 25 % by weight.
  • Renewable energy

– 500/600 TPD, Approximately 8 MW of Power

  • CDM benefits over conventional composting

– (Approx ) 1.1 Mn CER ( over 10 Years for 10 MW)

  • Residual Ash can be explored for alternate use – resulting in possible conservation of land for landfill
  • Address concerns for socio-politial challlenges.

Good combustion principles

  • Residence time for the combustion product of 2.5 seconds at > 850 Deg C for thermal destruction of fugitive emissions.
  • Excess Oxygen atmosphere in furnace with balanced draft.
  • Back End temp of Flue Gas is 210-220 Deg C for the effectiveness of the Flue Gas Treatment Scheme.
  • Preheating the combustion air to accomplish in-situ drying of waste in the drying zone in the furnace

Salient Techhnical Features –W2E

  • Reverse acting Reciprocating grate with inclination to allow sliding of waste on its own is selected.
  • Six times the area than the travelling grate of previous plants
  • Ram Feeders to push the waste positively on to the combustion zone
  • Grabs to mix the waste to homogenize and feeding rather than overhead silo mode of storage to avoid bridging
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