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Hydrological Water Cycle

We know that the hydrological systems works on stipulated processes of percolation, evaporation, transpiration, and precipitation, thus all other factors also contribute to natural water cycle. But due to every kind of wastes discarded by humans in the water, natural processes water gets polluted and does affect the balance of hydrological systems. By detecting the problem areas we strive to provide hygienic drinking water. Our methods are to eliminate the waste products from the water by constructing proper sewage and sound recycling waste systems. We continue our extended processes in ground water recharge and aquifer storage.

We proudly announce our association in various systems that are:-

Water Resources Management

Water is required in every spheres of life, but the water distribution in fields is unequal. There is a problem of water supply, with this step we ensure to take a lead to supply of water on equitable basis and satisfying the usage to all types of consumers. With tech savvy filtration plants, we strive to deliver aesthetic and clean water for all purposes.

Raw Water Transmission & Treatment

This process generally refers to the transportation of water from the given source to the treatment plant. With the blend of free flow conduits or closed conduits the water gets transmitted or independently.  It is mandatory to use the free flow conduits for raw water transmissions only. They have the uniform sources like canals or tunnels.  For transmissions of the close conduits the pressure techniques are implemented. We imply the methodology of less to high pressure pipes for easier raw water transmission. For treatment purposes stringent measure are introduced.

Raw Water transmission

Raw water is supplied through gravity to the water treatment plant through water transmission process. At major stake, we strive to deliver our promising services for raw water transmission. Our mission of raw water treatment encompasses of clarification of solids contacts, tube settler, laming.

Raw Water treatment

Almost all sources of water may it be ground, municipal, sea or surface have to be treated to get the most purest form of water for further use. For the filtration processes we believe in comprehensive approaches of pressure and Gravity. Our company has vast experience and expertise in easy removal system of Sludge.

Water distribution & retail

Various reforms are being done to provide fresh and mineral water. The packaged water bottle is the glimpse of the market. For giving uniformity of taste, the packaged drinking water has to pass with the test of hygiene, micro biologist evaluations, in house testing etc…

Sewerage collection & Treatment

The biggest challenge many cities face is disposal of sewage. On every day basis tons of water is discarded from the commercial and non commercial activities.  With the disposal of waste in the water, the quality of water becomes determinant. The best option is to recycle and reuse. With the standardized treatment plants this waste can be bought back to the use thus can help for the purpose of agriculture and other activities.

Sewerage collection

Human’s daily activities add pollutants to the water. Also, industries emit lot of toxic chemicals in the water, the best way to implement these techniques in the industrial prone areas for sewerage collection.

Sewage treatment

The sewage treatment is done with experiential methodology, standard operating procedures and adequate filtration system. Preliminary treatment is processed to make the water suitable for the main treatment.   Preliminary treatment includes screening and removing grit and oil from water.

Water reclamation, Reuse & Discharge

Water reclamation is a systematic technique of cleaning the waste water discarded from homes or businesses by using biological or chemical treatments. The biological method uses microorganism which easily reduces the sludge from the water.

Water Reclamation, Water reuse and discharge

The other processes like primary tanks, tertiary tanks play a pivotal role in the processes of water reclamation.

Conclusion- We strive to care for environment, thus every step is taken with utmost care of corporate social responsibility. The processes are the ultimate method of bringing happiness to millions of lives.

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