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MPPT Charge Controller

Maximum Power Point Tracker or MPPT from Pace, is a DC to DC electronic converter, which can optimize the match between a battery bank or utility grid and solar panels (PV or photo voltaic panels). It means that this charge controller can convert high voltage power from the PV array to the lower voltage that is required to charge the batteries. This charge controller regulates the output current based on the available PV array energy and the charge status of the battery.

  • MPPT charge controller from PACE can be used even with 48 V DC battery system
  • It charges a lower nominal battery from a high nominal voltage of PV array
  • The innovative MPPT software algorithm increases the power yield from the PV array
  • It maximizes energy harvest through active and continuous algorithm
  • MPPT charge controller has high efficiency as it can adjust the operating points to stay on the maximum power point
  • PACE MPPT charge controllers can operate at their maximum even in ambient temperatures and variant solar conditions, ensuring very high reliability
  • Extensive networking and communication capabilities for places where there is a demand of high performance
  • PACE MPPT charge controllers are feature rich and have metering and data logging capabilities
  • This product allows decreased wire cost and easy installation.

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