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Solar PCU

With the elevating electricity costs and depletion of other power sources, renewable energy sources like solar power prove to be the right option for both commercial and residential applications. The solar PCU from PACE has an integrated system of a solar charge controller, inverter and a grid charger. With the Solar Power Conditioning Unit from Pace, maximum utilization of generated solar power is ensured. This unit reduces the dependency on DG and Grid power. PACE Solar PCU is equipped with a priority switch that guarantees powerful utilization by switching to cost effective mode. They are conditioned to provide protection against overload and short circuit, along with a reverse grid for the inverter.

The Optimization Control Logic of Solar PCU from PACE works in an intelligent way, providing the maximum savings. When there is sufficient solar power, the load is on this renewable source of energy. If it is not sufficient, then it switches to the next available source like the Grid. When there is a failure of Grid mains, the load switches itself to the battery backup. If a glitch occurs due to insufficient charge, then the load switches on to the DG power. This logical switching happens through the monitoring of a highly sophisticated micro controller, which monitors and measures the various parameters. The superior form of Solar PCU from PACE is enabled to generate the necessary alarms and also has a built in remote monitoring system.

All the functions and controls of the PCU like the AMF, alarms and monitoring, inverter/rectifier distribution, solar charge controllers, GPRS enabled Modem Solar Power Optimizers, etc are custom built according to the customer’s requirements.

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Solar PCU Solar PCU

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