Infra Power Mgmt


DCDG or Direct Current Diesel Generator is designed to optimize the power needs, and to deliver the high currents at low voltages. This highly compact generator utilizes the power for battery charging and for operating DC loads. DCDG from PACE has been designed to work efficiently without the requirement of regular maintenance.

Salient features of DCDG from PACE are:

Power production:

  • A bridge rectifier converts 48 V AC output to DC
  • Use of 48V alternator
  • No 230V AC to 48 V conversion
  • Linear variable speed, which helps in the power production according to the exact load needs
  • According to the load < 83 dB at prime RPM, the controller varies the excitation voltage and the speed of the engine
  • Based on BTS + battery load, the engine RPM varies between 1200 to 2800 RPM

Engine RPM Control:

  • The controller and Woodward L-series Actuator controls and varies the engine RPM
  • Based on the RPM feedback from proxy sensor, the controller monitors and controls the actuator

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