Infra Power Mgmt


PMU or Power Management Unit from PACE has features like remote management, inbuilt microwave provision, power scalability, etc that enhance the fuel and battery efficiency in the existing sites. PMU follows a rational approach towards power management through

  • Integrated AMF Function
  • Alarm Consolidation
  • GPRS Remote management
  • AC Power measurement
  • DG parameter monitoring
  • DC power Measurement

PACE PMU has an independent server that integrates it with the set of existing processes and NOC. With excellent remote management features of passive infrastructure and distributed intelligence, scalability and high availability is ensured. PMU manages battery efficiently and extends its life.

The highlighting feature of PACE PMU is that it reduces the operational costs through a well-researched fuel management system The fault management and functionality units of PMU are adaptable for Air-conditioners, Batteries, Fire alarms, Diesel Gen sets, Security, AC Power, DC power, lightening and surge protection, etc.

PACE also offers some excellent modules of Mini PMU which can either be standalone or wall mounted. They are equipped with micro controllers, surge protection devices, AMF controller, etc for smooth functioning.

Other features of this Mini PMU are:
  • AC Distribution unit
  • Fire Alarm Module
  • Aviation Lamp Controller
  • Static Voltage Regulator(SVR)
  • DG Battery Charger
  • Air Conditioner Controller (Optional)
  • Auto Phase selector (Optional)
  • Fuel Optimizer
  • Energy Meter Box for the DG
  • Display unit

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