Infra Power Mgmt

Lite PPC

LITE PPC is an integrated Plug and Play Cabinet which can keep the unmanned BTS sites up and running all the time. It mainly consists of a Power Plant (Switch Mode Power Supply using IGBT / MOSFETS with high frequency PWM Technology) and an Advanced Micro Controller based Control Unit to monitor various parameters and conditions of Lite PPC. This system operates with AMF logic and it intelligently selects the Grid main supply for the optimum utilization of rectifiers. Also rectifiers are equally distributed and connected to Grid through separate MCBs. These rectifiers have a very wide operating range from 90v to 300v (without any stabilization)

Highly sophisticated Micro Controller Unit measures and monitors various input and output parameters (mains voltage, input frequency, load current, DG Voltage, DG frequency etc.,) and also gives various indications (Mains on, DG on, DG Fail to start, LLOP, D G over load etc.,) for the benefit of the user in an user friendly manner using high contrast LCD display & LEDs. The LITE PPC is equipped to collect or generate various Alarms to Krone box. It also has a provision to communicate various data/ information through GPRS.


  • Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) functions
  • ACDB
  • Fault Alarms with potential-free Contact.
  • Mains and DG parameter Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Module
  • Aviation Lamp Control
  • Real time clock and event recording.
  • Monitoring & Control through GSM Network
  • Inbuilt Power plant

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