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DC Aircon

DC Aircon from PACE is energy-efficient and useful for telecom compartments and enclosures. The efficient and compact DC Aircon is powered by Tecumseh’s super silent DC Compressor and is an essential part of the telecom shelter or enclosure. This environmentally friendly product is fueled by an Eco-friendly refrigerant (r134a), and is designed to work with 48V DC power supply.

Optimized for better performance:

DC Aircon from PACE is optimized for better performance through efficient air management and refrigeration. Improved air circulation is provided when hot air, which naturally moves upward, is sucked from the top and cold air is discharged from the bottom in the internal cooling circuit.

This Aircon unit is designed uniquely to ensure that there is no retention of hot air pockets inside the chamber, enclosure or shelter. A centrifugal fan is located at the rear end of the unit. The centrifugal operation of this evaporator fan sucks the air from the chamber and lets it flow through the cooling coil. Every unit has a drain hole to ensure that all the condensed water is drained out.


  • 4 poles sensor-less variable speed BLDC motor controller
  • Input range 40 – 58 VDC
  • R.P.M speed 1800 – 4200
  • Analog speed set input (resistor programmable for fixed speed)
  • 0 to +55°C operating temperature
  • Under/Over voltage shutdown (resistor programmable under voltage thresholds)
  • Locked rotor detection
  • Thermal shutdown – for power devices
  • Over current shutdown – for power devices
  • Low speed shutdown
  • TTL Fault output
  • LED fault indicator
  • Fan output, +12VDC @ 0.5A with voltage detection
  • Reverse polarity protection
DC-Aircon1 DC-Aircon1 DC-Aircon1 DC-Aircon1

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