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DC DC Converter

  • Highly compact design of DC/DC converter for any type of +24V/-48V load requirements.
  • Converter been used for powering existing equipment, where presently RBS is operating on +24/-48VVolt DC.
  • High power density – can easily be fitted in embedded or standalone applications
  • High efficiency 87.7% – reduces power consumption for lower operation cost
  • Wide temperature operating range ( up to +75 deg C) – meets the harshest climatic environment requirements
  • Ultimate capacity – The full capacity of the unit is 8 KW with N+1
  • Hot pluggable – facilitate future extensions up to 1.0KW X 1
  • Very convenient size 19” rack mountable.
  • Feasibility to have either 24V-48V or 48V-24V converter.
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