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DC Energy Meter or DCEM is used for measuring electrical consumption at the site and to monitor the other sub-metering applications. PACE DC energy meter is designed with advanced micro controller technology for use in telecom base stations. This device monitors and measures multiple parameters on DC applications with accuracy and reliability. It calculates the energy by sensing the DC voltage and current at the base station. The DCDM from PACE has four channels and maintains accuracy even under severe harmonic conditions in the system.

The salient features of this product are:

  • Multiple channels measured by a single meter
  • All the current channels have differential input
  • Measures DC Voltage, energy and Amp of each channel
  • Non-contact measurement
  • The enclosure is specifically designed to use with rugged conditions on the field
  • Measures both cumulative current and energy
  • Powered by a micro controller
  • Large LCD alphanumeric back lit display
  • Software calibration & RS485 Interface for PC communication
  • Can withstand harsh field conditions with a built-in noise filter

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