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The revolutionary Inverters/UPS from PACE eliminates issues faced in the present day circumstances like insufficient thermal backup for Indoor Telecom BTS sheltering, switching of existing systems to DG due to temperature increase, battery bank does not support the initial air-conditioning surge load, resulting in high DG running costs and under-utilization of the battery. The inverters/UPS from PACE are based on the world’s best sine wave technology and provides uninterrupted pure form of power.

With PACE Inverter/UPS, when there is a rise in Shelter temperature, thermal backup happens with the battery and avoids the utilization of DG. PACE Inverters/ UPS extend the thermal backup and ensure that battery bank is thoroughly utilized. Initial surge load on battery bank is avoided because of their soft start capabilities. The DG run hours are reduced considerably, resulting in maximum savings.

Salient features of this product are:
Smart features of Inverter/UPS from Pace:

  • Intelligent logic operation ensures the smooth and automated In/Out of inverters
  • Can be used in the telecom networks for AC loads by utilizing the services of the existing battery
  • Very low power loss and a high efficiency of around 93%
  • Excellent space utilization because of the compact design
  • No surge effect on battery due to the soft start
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