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In telecom projects and networks, minimal service downtime or disruption directly affects the customer returns. Consistent system availability is a critical factor that that can improve subscriber satisfaction levels. PPRMS or PACE Remote Monitoring System is a fully automatic monitoring solution for telecom industry. PPRMS is designed to monitor and manage the telecom sites, so that there is no disruption.

A continuous network session ensures the performance of the remote operations using a combination of hardware and software. As the PPRMS measures the different parameters remotely, these can be analyzed at the other end to keep the performance of the cell site at an optimum. RMS at remote areas of operations has successfully overcome many problems that are usually expected at the sites. Immediate reporting of problems minimizes the costs of operation and maintenance. It also improves the overall performance and the life of the assets.

Salient features of PPRMS:

  • Automatic high availability solution that is completely integrated
  • Device availability indication
  • Automatic searching of network
  • Fast monitoring of data and alarms based on the high speed micro controllers
  • Dedicated PPRMS controller with PFC contacts sensing, LED indicators, and PFC Alarm extension features
  • Easy recovery maintenance possible with fault data storage features
  • Advanced design for high MTBF
  • Reduced downtime as low as 15 minutes
  • International standards compliance
  • Site alarms monitoring with PFC’s and RS 232 port
  • Dual AC energy meter with RS 485 port
  • DC energy meter with four channels and RS 485 port
  • Monitoring of battery, DG Fuel, Air Conditioner, and Power Plant through 7nbsp;RS 485 port

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