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Remote BTS on/off

PACE introduces a high efficiency innovative telecom monitoring equipment known as the Remote BTS ON/OFF. This product addresses all the concerns relating to the rise in energy bills, faced by the telecom industry. Innovative energy saving techniques are essential today, as there is a constant concern about environmental issues and rise of power costs. Remote BTS ON/OFF detects service failures in the telecom infrastructure sites, and allows the problems to be fixed quickly. Because of this, downtime can be limited and failures can be avoided.

This highly advanced equipment provides alerts and allows you to control the systems remotely. An easy communication solution, which allows you remote corrective actions saves you lot of money.

Remote BTS ON/OFF has unique alerting capabilities that help in:

  • Easy control of remote loads through SMS commands (provided by the customer), at certain time intervals
  • Control of DG, Grid, BB and BTS loads by loads disconnect system using drive controls
  • Automatic remote reboots without human intervention

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