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Txn Rack/Battery Chiller

Battery Chiller from PACE maintains the temperature in the site battery enclosure and enhances battery life. The battery chamber is set to a specific temperature, which helps in maximizing the performance and durability of the enclosed batteries. Battery chiller from PACE is suitable for wide range of environments and eliminates the problems arising due to humidity, fluctuations in temperature, dirt etc.

The battery chamber has a prefabricated modular construction with aluminum framed double insulation and PUF insulated panels. It offers easy installation due to the cam lock arrangement with hinges and locks. It also has a view port on the side wall for the convenience of the user. The condenser has a vent for hydrogen purging and an exhaust through the secondary room. Battery Chiller from PACE has a clever alarm monitoring system for unit failures, unprecedented door openings, and high temperatures.

The chiller unit in the chamber has a 48 V DC power supply. The indoor unit has good air circulation through axial fans. The bottom discharge throw system ensures a uniform gradient of temperature across the entire chamber. Intelligent design of the chiller unit ensures that there are no hot pockets at any corners of the battery bank. A drain hole helps in the elimination of the condensed water.


  • Efficient cooling system
  • Low consumption of power
  • Controlled temperature storage equipment
  • Uniform distribution of temperature due to intelligent design
  • Optimized battery cooling
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