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PACE believes that the power of emerging technology can be harnessed using the right execution strategies and innovation. We provide exceptional services for the telecom and power sectors to provide high efficiency and flexibility.
Our core strengths are our knowledge and technological capabilities, which provide advanced services across major industry sectors. Innovative solutions through an adept design and development team helps in the implementation and management of challenging projects.
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing units provide a realistic platform for our inquisitive minds. We strive to provide effective solutions for managed services for infrastructure and solar projects all over the world with high efficiency. Inspirational hybrid solutions and services for various purposes across industries are performed with insistent dedication.
Our professional team has the ability to think beyond borders and provide unique services for technology driven industries. We offer exclusive product services for installation and commissioning, fault repair, AMC and site/equipment up-gradation, according to the requirement of the customers. Consistency in quality and high efficiency are the two major factors that drive our work force into new avenues of development.


Energy efficiency, cost efficiency, reliability and a superior awareness of environmental responsibility are the key driving factors for the Energy Management O and M Services from PACE. Integrated Energy Management Services that provide economically viable strategies and solutions to maximize the savings of businesses in all fields is one of the specialized capabilities of PACE. By deploying our sustainable solutions and services, businesses can competently improve their energy management and infrastructure capabilities. We assist the businesses in adopting significant and sustainable approaches that guide their projects towards high levels of practical profitability. Widely respected and distinguished across the industry, we provide technologically advanced energy management O and M services for a wide gamut of industries.

Energy Management O and M services are critical for the overall program and cohesively bind all parts of the business into one. Our comprehensive range of services is listed below:

1. Electrical O and M:

Electrical O and M for energy management covers all the systems at the client site including air conditioners, DG sets, Power Plants, Cabling, Earthing systems, Energy Control and Observation Systems (ECOS), etc. Our experience and expertise helps us to maintain the energy efficiency of all the onsite client systems. Our team of technical leaders, supervisors, technicians, surveillance experts, QA and audit engineers, MIS experts, etc assist us in managing the entire systems. Excellent communication and coordination within the team and with the clients helps us achieve great efficiency.

Maintenance operations with around 99.99% up time, according to the guidelines of the client industry are a necessity. Our well-trained experts provide the best energy management services with routine check and having the preventive maintenance measures in place. Our field and off-site engineers are thoroughly motivated and self-driven to perform and achieve high productivity.

2. Fuel Management System:Keeping in mind the necessity of uninterrupted power supply at the cellular network sites and other industry on-sites, PACE has designed and implemented a perfect Fuel Management System that can help in providing standby supplies for industries and networks that need a continuous supply of power without any outages. Managing vast network sites, by planning and managing route and everyday inventory, along with reducing the pilferage is our utmost priority. With constant monitoring and understanding the quality is maintained consistently at the site.

We perform regular audits, monitor, train, and educate our team constantly so that the maintenance results always stay positive.

3. ECOS O and M:

Energy Control and Observation System (ECOS), allows us to interface between the user equipment like air conditioning system or power plant and the Power Source. An efficient ECOS O and M eliminates outages and runs the site perfectly. PACE has designed a perfect unit of work that works cohesively and attends to the operations and maintenance of the clients’ cells. We provide the best supervisors and technicians or field engineers, who are adept in running and maintaining the operations at the site. An R and D team supports these field engineers with helpful suggestions and guidance. With constant training and education of the technological advances, we ensure that our team of experts is updated and knowledgeable for the perfect execution of the energy management project. With able guidance and the necessary preventive measures, the O and M at the clients’ sites are managed to reduce costs and operation related errors.

4. Tower O and M:

Operations and Maintenance at the Towers is an important aspect of Energy Management Services. PACE employs a sound team of experts for understanding all aspects of Tower O and M. This diligent team ensures that all the critical aspects of this energy management service are constantly monitored and attended to at the right time, eliminating outages and other possible shortfalls. Tower O and M is carried out in a precise and orderly manner so that the client does not face any issue or problem. Tower O and M is required as towers are vulnerable to loosen over time because of the high wind speed. Regular checks of tower verticality, tightening, rusting of nuts and bolts, aviation lamp function, earthing etc are done by us.

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