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O&M Services

The current needs of the Opcos & Towercos are to take care of their assets and investments in their BTS sites across the different locations. PACE, understands the need of the customer and is fully geared up in all aspects of servicing their requirements to meet their business goals.

Our team of experts are proficient in providing tailor made energy efficient solutions for customers and has varied experience in product and solution design, implementation & upkeep of equipment and solution over the years.

We are specialized in providing comprehensive O&M services of all power related infra equipment in a telecom site. The key point is expertise developed over a period of time by our team of technicians & engineers who are capable of maintaining products like AMF, PMU, PIU, IPMU, IPMS, PPC, DCDG, AC, SMPS, etc. of any manufacturer.

Our services cover real-time data capturing by 24 x 7 remote monitoring on key parameters viz. alarms, DG usage, EB availability, Solar Harvest, etc. this helps customers’ business needs.

Monitoring the energy efficiency contributed by the Power & Fuel elements and suggesting solutions to reduce the energy cost either by products of PACE or their Associates or by recommending for Fixed Energy Model.

We provide the following O&M services:

  • Comprehensive O&M Services
  • O&M Services for Solar Solutions
  • Fixed Energy Solution & Services

We also provide AMC for products manufactured/supplied by PACE and other 3rd party manufacturer or vendor implemented in a BTS Site.

Our services encompass projects of all sizes and customers can expect technologically advanced services, which help their business in every way.

Manpower & Presence of O&M:

PACE is present across India with trained team of professionals and managed by team of strong leaders. Currently O&M Services are offered in Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Current O&M Manpower strength is 1,400+ employees.

Our Corporate team in Bangalore lends support in products, solutions and management for the circle teams.

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