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Fault Repair

Effective fault repair from PACE through the RRR or Receive, Repair and Return policy ensures that all the products and customer site infrastructure performs well without any interruptions. We perform routine preventive maintenance checks periodically to minimize the faults.

Our Corrective Maintenance activity in the event of a product failure covers detailed diagnostics of the products, fault identification and rectification at site. The technicians and engineers are equipped with relevant and sufficient spares to replace the faulty ones at site, to minimize the down time.

PACE has set up Repair Centers in Bangalore, Patna, Pune, Bhopal, Jaipur, Lucknow which are equipped with relevant tools, test equipment, components and are manned by trained technicians/ engineers. The faulty modules from site are sent to the repair center, which will be sent back to the technician after repair. Emergency spares requests by circles are supplied from the Bangalore Repair Center stock on specific needs.

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