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Installation & Commissioning(I&C)

PACE has the reputation of being highly skilled installation and commissioning expert for all the advanced and as well as old power equipment for BTS sites.

All aspects of project management including, logistics, delivery of equipment, warehousing, site survey, pre-installation planning, and installation and commissioning of are done with effective ease. Acceptance Testing thru’ the customer or customer designated agency are coordinated and that completes the process of I&C of an equipment.

Installation and commissioning operates through comprehensive organization, reporting and monitoring by the management and technicians at PACE. Clear communication, definitive roles and responsibilities combined with the support of cutting edge technologies ensure that the project is implemented smoothly.

Our comprehensive range of Product Services include

  • Installation & Commissioning of equipment viz. AMF, PIU, PMU, PPC, IPMU, IPMS, Battery DCDG etc
  • Annual Maintenance Services of PACE & Non PACE Products, covering Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Spares supply etc.
  • Indoor to Outdoor conversion of PIU/PMU
  • Retrofit activity of PIU & PMU
  • Development plans for long term operational needs
  • Provide custom built solutions for customers on their product support or retrofit or conversion


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