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Smart Meters

‘Communicable Energy Meter’ is the latest addition to PACE product profile. Smart meters from PACE are Intelligent, interoperable, interchangeable, and adaptable to any communication system, to any type of IT backbone. They are integrated with local intelligence along with distributed control ability. They have the ability to communicate directly with the supplier thus facilitating automatic meter reading, without one being there physically.

Benefits of PACE make Smart Meters:

  • Measures various parameters like current, voltage, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power and frequency
  • Records and accumulates active, reactive, apparent energies, maximum demand and average power factor
  • Billing point Registers for energies and maximum demand.
  • Real-time information on energy usage can be used for better Energy Management.

Smart meters are devised to send signals to the energy company for meter readings. Wireless technologies allow the information to be sent for in-home display. Real-time data of energy consumption can be on display at all times. There is also an option to display historic data and records. This is an advanced product, made for the convenience of next generation power distribution systems.

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