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Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid integrated solution shall integrated the Power input equipment with Public Electricity and AC Diesel Generator (ACDG), enhanced Battery bank for the cycling to optimize the Diesel Consumption. With the Remote Management Solution and hardware includes AMF panel, Generator control Unit and Counter (in case site consist of generator set), ACDB, Fire alarm, AC controller, Surge protection devices, Aviation timer etc,. It does collection of data from various sources and monitors entire cell site passive network and service usage continuously, automatically notifying technical analysts when abnormalities & failures occur.

  • Integrated Power Management System (IPMS) is a fully automatic telecom BTS power solution, used in GSM Network, CDMA, Optical repeater networks etc. PMU replaces the existing conventional disintegrated power solutions in the telecom network, like Servo Stabilizer, Isolation Transformer, Relay based AMF panel, Generator control Unit and Counter, ACDB, Fire alarm, AC controller, Surge protection devices, Aviation timer etc.
  • The IPMS consists of the following modules, integrated in the single cabinet and reduces the floor space as well as wall space in the telecom site. Also, the complexity of interconnecting all these modules is avoided.
  • Solution automatically adapts to your passive network, requiring no predefined rules with any cell site adaptation.
  • Solution gathers a wide range of Passive network related information such as power distribution monitoring & measurements, along with the usage of assets. Integrated Alarm Failure Ratios per site/cluster, etc.
  • Because it analyzes and compares detail data historical norms, your network operations, sales, marketing and finance groups can gain valuable insights on the success and profitability of your existing service offerings and consolidation of sites.
  • In addition, with GPRS/GSM access management with real-time data can help you plan, implement and ultimately track the performance of operational services.
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