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Remote Monitoring Solutions

PACE Systems is pleased to propose a complete integrated site alarm monitoring solution based on Industry leading and cutting edge “GPRS/GSM Remote Management system” product from PACE for Passive Infrastructure Network Monitoring System. This is coupled with PACE local services capabilities as well as expertise from the Africa wide.

Pace will leverage both local and regional services resources that have direct large-scale implementation. Pace’s delivery is based on proven methodologies, processes and tools. By leveraging innovative technologies in Power and cost economical site build, with best practices and an open relationship, PACE will deliver a best fit packaged solution.

  • Proposed Solution allows performing detailed analysis of Passive infrastructure element performance and event data generated by passive network elements, like AC/DC distribution and measurement with tailed utility billing system.
  • Proposed solution identifies and eliminates the potential failures by preventive maintenance of Air-conditioner unit, Diesel Generator unit and monitoring the historical norms, then zeroing in on abnormalities and differences between normal and actual usage events.
  • Proposed Solution generates business intelligence about passive infrastructure that will reduce substantial amount of operational cost as compare traditional site management approach, and service usage of assets in increase in operational efficiency.
  • Operators can then analyze this data in a variety of ways, using standard reports and ad-hoc analysis tools, to support various business needs. For example, Service Providers can use the standard reports to analyze operational efficiency, service levels of passive network, minutes of usage, and passive network element activity.

PACE Remote Management System (PRMS) is a fully automatic telecom Cell Site Passive infrastructure Monitoring & Management Solution used in GSM Network, CDMA, Optical repeater networks etc. PRMS rightly fits within existing conventional cell Sites network, and provide the real-time Passive network related information.

  • Solution automatically adapts to your passive network, requiring no predefined rules with any cell site adaptation.
  • Solution gathers a wide range of Passive infrastructure network related information such as power distribution monitoring & measurements, along with the usage of assets. Integrated Alarm Failure Ratios Per site/cluster, etc.
  • Because it analyzes and compares detail data historical norms, your network operations, sales, marketing and finance groups can gain valuable insights on the success and profitability of your existing service offerings and consolidation of sites.
  • In addition, with GPRS access management with real-time data can help you plan,implement and ultimately track the performance of operational services.


The threshold and alerting capability of proposed solution provides automatic, real time monitoring and notification of anomalies in passive network behavior by using GPRS & GSM alter mechanisms.

  • It produces periodic data attributes & analysis against historical norms can produce an SMS & e-mail notification for pro-active investigation of potential problems.
  • PACE has extensive expertise to build interfaces to Passive Network Elements and collect data from non-PACE network elements.
  • Pace’s has extensive Project Management, Deployment, Implementation and Maintenance capability with strong in-country team
  • PACE have had engaged by your circle teams (approximately 5000 sites) for the existing cell site alarm rectification works, to setup future Remote Management System implementation.
  • With this experience and expertise, PACE will have control and knowledge of the existing infrastructure details will easies the implementation activities across Pan-India.

Remote Monitoring Server with Application Software (E2E Remote monitoring)

High capacity active and data backup servers

Customized reports as per the requirement of customer for statistical and analytical calculation

Radio frequency Identification Asset Tagging system to stop theft and ensures safety

Customized License as per the requirement of client

24X7 site monitoring for real time analysis.

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