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Solar Energy Solution

PACE has the experience and expertise to provide economical and environmentally friendly, energy supply solutions to large developments and multiple stakeholders, through innovative energy efficient strategies. Our solutions using renewable energy like solar, go beyond the industry standards, as we provide the best solar energy products, design and integration. Power solutions for solar contributes to the global goal of using sustainable and locally used energy solutions. Our efficient team is adept in offering the best solutions for the most significant applications in telecom, power and renewable energy sectors.
PACE India specializes in solutions through solar systems, design and integration including various solutions and products like:

  • Solar Power generating system
  • Solar Power Conditioning Unit
  • SLD, Solar Hybrid for Telecom
  • Solar – DG hybrid
  • Solar Building Lighting Systems
  • Solar Power for Banks, Solar Power for Petroleum Sectors, etc

Fuelled by an impactful collective industry experience and competent leadership, PACE has been a pioneer in the renewable energy industry for over 60 years. We incorporate the most advanced techniques in installation, and servicing of all our units through highly skilled manpower and technologically superior equipment.
Some of our major breakthroughs have been through the development of hybrid products that utilize the solar energy and save the other forms of energy. Some of the advanced PACE products that provide renewable energy solutions to various industries are Solar PCU with a optimization logic control, SLD, a typical off-grid solar PCU, solar hybrid for telecom, Solar DG hybrid for telecom, solar building lighting systems, solar power for banks and petroleum industries.
Power solutions for solar include comprehensive services from the start till the end of the project including the project management, planning and structural design of solar capacity, site survey, structure mounting, electrical cabling, inverter and battery bank installation and commissioning, system integration and charge controller integration and finally the acceptance from the client. The solutions we provide ensure that maximum utilization of renewable energy, thereby reducing the dependence on DG and EB power. Our sophisticated products have micro controllers and advanced remote monitoring systems to ensure smooth functioning at all times.

Utilization of renewable energy solutions makes a tremendous contribution towards the quality management of environmental concerns. At PACE we believe that an efficient and reliable energy market is the most important element in the future growth strategy. Continuous research by our design and development team ensures the creation of sophisticated solar energy solutions. At Pace, we meet the future challenges head on, and make way to a promising and accelerated deployment of the earth’s renewable energy resources.

  • Telecom Site Hybrid solar Solution, including grid & AC DG sets.
  • Telecom Site Hybrid solar Solution, including Battery Bank & Solar.
  • Telecom Site Hybrid Renewable Solution, including Solar, Wind, DG Genset Power.
  • Telecom Site Hybrid solar Solution, including Solar & wind Solutions.
      • Excellent wind direction adaptability: fit to install at urban area such as roof of mansion.
      • Completely silent: no noisy problem.
  • Telecom Site Solar Solution, including 100% solar with backup Batteries.
  • Telecom Site Hybrid solar Solution, including Solar DC Diesel Generators
  • PACE Hybrid solar Solution for Banking Industry
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