Changing the face of BSNL:
Changing the face of BSNL:
Case Study


Client: BSNL

Industry: Telecommunications

Project: Tower Construction and Services

Period: FY-2023 TO FY-2024

Background: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) stands as the foundation of India’s telecommunications landscape. It was launched with the mission of providing connectivity across the nation. In the past years, BSNL has served its mission successfully, by providing affordable, reliable, and accessible communication services. With its vast network infrastructure and dedication to customer satisfaction, BSNL stands tall in the market as a key player in the telecom sector.

Client's Objectives:

Provide seamless 4G connectivity for BSNL users.
Enhance the network to adapt to modern operations.

Challenges: One of the significant challenges of the project was navigating the complex nature, the changing climatic conditions, and the diverse terrains in various locations for tower construction. Our plans and designs should adapt to these terrains to undertake various conditions including landslides, snow-bound areas with potential terrorist threats, Manipur conflict, and rain which affects logistics, warehouse space, and time constraints.

With our expert team, we formed a meticulous plan after thorough research to make the project a grand success.


Prioritizing the enhancement of network infrastructure, we focused on optimizing frequency spectrum utilization and integrating cutting-edge tech upgrades to the system.

Site Survey and Preparation: An accurate location assessment survey was conducted by our team to determine the placement of the telecom tower. Here we considered varied factors including terrain, accessibility, structural stability, and regulatory compliance. The site preparation process was followed by clearing, levelling, and equipping the required area to hold the tower.

Tower Construction and Erection: Our skilled technicians and engineers execute the tower construction process. They meticulously assemble tower components and various other equipment that will aid them in the course of construction. This step requires the utmost caution, and it adheres to safety standards.

Equipment Installation and Integration: Various equipment such as antennas, transceivers, base stations, power supply systems, transmission lines, and more is crucial for the seamless functioning of the tower. The addition of these components ensures precise connectivity and performance.

Cable Routing and Management: Effective communication and prompt signal reception are guaranteed by proper cable routing and management. Thus, to ensure optimal performance and reliability, cables for power, data, and communication are meticulously routed, terminated, and managed within the tower structure.

Testing and Commissioning: Rigorous testing and commissioning activities are carried out to verify the functionality and performance of the entire telecom system. This includes conducting signal strength and quality tests, network connectivity tests, and system integration tests. Any issues or discrepancies are identified and resolved during this phase.

Documentation and Regulatory Compliance: Detailed documentation is maintained throughout the installation and commissioning process, including tower specifications, equipment inventory, test results, and compliance records. This documentation ensures regulatory compliance and helps with future maintenance and troubleshooting.


  • 4G mobile services in uncovered villages across the country
  • BSNL has modernized its network by incorporating state-of-the-art technology with a 100% digital new technology switching network.
  • Be a customer-focused organization with excellence in customer care and marketing.



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