Enhancing internet accessibility with TANFINET!
Enhancing internet accessibility with TANFINET!
Case Study

Enhancing internet accessibility with TANFINET!


Industry: Telecommunications

Project: Optic Fiber Laying Solutions

Background: Tamil Nadu FibreNet Corporation Limited, covered under Phase II of the BharatNet scheme, a program undertaken by the Government of India, is designed to digitally empower every Village Panchayat in the country by employing information technology. As part of the TANFINET scheme 12, 524 Village Panchayats are planned to be covered for internal connectivity through Optical Fibre Cable. 

Client's Objectives:

  • Provide internet connectivity across 12, 524 Village Panchayats in Tamil Nadu
  • Provide Seamless Connectivity
  • Digitally Empower marginalized villages

Challenges: The project involved a lot of barriers as it had to cover vast terrains that were unexplored for similar projects. From political uncertainties to natural calamities, leading to delays in advancements due to permissions and paperwork. Right of Way (ROW) application involved approvals from government authorities and high-end officials for things including time-consuming blasting approvals on hard rock terrains, case-by-case highway approvals, and Supreme Court involvement required for laying cables in wildlife and national parks. Overcoming these hurdles demanded a careful blend of technical expertise, adaptive project management, and adherence to stringent environmental regulations.



TANFINET partnered with us to avail of the best expertise in laying fiber optic cables and upgrading telecommunication networks. Optic Fiber Laying Solution comprehensively assessed the existing infrastructure and proposed a tailored solution to meet the client's objective

Key Steps Taken:

Customized Planning: We collaborated closely with TANFINET to devise a strategic plan that would enhance their network requirements. This involved determining the optimal routes for laying fiber optic cables, considering factors such as existing infrastructure, terrain, and future scalability.

Approvals: Clearing the route for the Optic Fiber laying by getting the right approvals was crucial. The ROW team undertook route survey details for the project. From preparing the application for ROW approval according to the demands of various authorities to facilitating the payments for the right departments was required before the Optic Fiber Laying activities.

Efficient Installation: With permission in hand the project saw ease in action. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and a skilled workforce, we executed the installation of the fiber optic cables efficiently and with minimal disruptions to the existing services. Advanced equipment and techniques were utilized to expedite the process while ensuring precision and quality.

Stringent Testing and Quality Assurance: Before activation, rigorous testing procedures were employed to verify the integrity and functionality of the newly laid optic fibers. This involved comprehensive testing for data transmission, signal strength, and resistance to environmental factors to guarantee a seamless transition to the upgraded network.

Post-Installation Support: OFLS provided extensive support post-installation, ensuring that Pace Digitek Pvt Ltd's team was well-equipped to manage and maintain the new infrastructure. Training sessions and ongoing technical support were offered to optimize the performance of the upgraded network.


Accessibility to seamless connectivity across panchayats.



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